Peanuts Blanched

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Blanched Hi-Oleic peanuts with the shell and skin removed. They are perfect for baking, or roasting at home.

Blanched Hi Oleic Peanuts are peanuts that contain a higher amount of oleic acid compared to standard peanuts.

Oleic Acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid – it is known as a good fat, reducing the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol) whilst boosting the levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

Fat content between:-

Hi Oleic Peanuts Normal Peanuts

82% monounsaturated 54% monounsaturated

5% polyunsaturated 28% polyunsaturated

13% saturated 18% saturated

To find out more about why Hi-Oleic Peanuts are so good for you check out our Nutritional page.



Nutritional Information: Typical Values per 100g

Energy (kcal): 567

Energy (kj): 2374

Protein: 25.8g

Carbohydrates: 16.13g

of which sugars: 3.97g

Fibre: 8.5g

Fat: 49.24g

of which saturates: 8.7g

Sodium: 18mg

Country of origin: Argentina

Dietary Information: Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

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