Ludlow Farmshop’s Experience

Ludlow Farmshop’s Experience

Helen (left) caught up with Jess Harrison (right) at Ludlow Farmshop.

When we set up The Ludlow Nut Company in 2005, we couldn’t have imagined the journey that awaited us. Sharing our love for food with our wonderful stockists has been a huge part of this journey. One such stockist is Ludlow Farmshop, who we’ve been working with for many years. Speaking to their retail manager Jess Harrison, our founder Helen got an insight into the farm shop’s relationship with us over the years.

Jess explains Ludlow Farmshop’s mission to decrease the miles between field and fork and support independent producers in the area. She feels passionate about working closely with buyers to showcase independent brands and celebrate their stories.

"The Ludlow Nut Company are a quality brand who are experienced in what they produce."

- Jess Harrison (Ludlow Farmshop)

Describing Ludlow Farmshop’s relationship with The Ludlow Nut Company, Jess says it’s a “really positive, long-standing one”. She determines that the key to our long-standing relationship has been our “helpful team” keeping them stocked with our range of cereals, nuts and snacks and our help in sourcing them ingredients they would otherwise be unable to find in the market.

When it comes to our products, Jess explains how they complement their other products. From our hand-made granola, which she recommends to customers with their greek style yoghurt, to our mueslis and porridge which she would pair with their Mawley milk. Jess describes how she feels that The Ludlow Nut Company “fits brilliantly” into The Ludlow Farmshop’s passion for creating and selling excellent quality products. Our “shared ethos” is another huge factor that she believes is behind our long-standing relationship.

When asked what Ludlow Farmshop’s customers have to say about us, Jess says that “sales speak for themselves!”, describing our products as staples in their cereal and snacks sections, with consistent sales. Showcasing products on our bespoke display stand has only improved sales, with Jess reporting that this has allowed their customers to easily find their Ludlow Nut Company favourites while also potentially finding something new to try too!

"We really enjoy working with The Ludlow Nut Company and their products are very popular with our customers."

- Jess Harrison (Ludlow Farmshop)

Looking to the future, Jess plans to continue stocking The Ludlow Nut Company, as she sees the popularity of our healthy, all-natural products only growing in today’s food climate. With people making more informed choices about the foods they choose to eat, she has noticed an increased interest in foods with minimal and sustainable packaging, as well as in the zero-waste concept, where customers use their own packaging. Offering all our products in bulk gives our stockists, like Jess, the freedom to adapt to changing trends.

We thoroughly enjoy working with Jess and Ludlow Farmshop and hope you’ve found this closer look into our relationship of interest. Stay tuned for future stockist stories!

Helen, Bob & The Team